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Ferrari Factory Tour

Limousine Service in Tuscany and Umbria (Italy) with private chauffeurs and luxury vehicles living a day coloured in red.

One of the symbols which most represent Italy in the world is definitely the Ferrari, a unique excellence, and above all, the dream and myth for the many fans and lovers scattered around the world. Maranello, is a small town in Emilia with the classic church and classic bell, bar in the square, visited by the inhabitants of the area to play cards or drink a coffee; a town where the food is outstanding and where the pace of life runs slowly and calmly, a calm broken by music and the unmistakable roar of the engines of Ferrari, which right here, in the headquarters and historic factory, have been produced since 1947. Using our Car Service and our Drivers, you can live the unique and unforgettable experience to visit the factory where the outstanding GT cars and the fast cars for Formula 1 are produced.  The various phases of assembly will be explained to you, and you will visit the establishments where the different steps of the production process take place. Finally the visit ends with a visit to the beautiful museum, which traces the history of Ferrari,  displaying the most representative road and race cars, therefore living a day coloured in red, in the myth and legend of the Cavallino.



Duration: approximately 10 hours

It is possible for the tour to leave from locations in Tuscany and Umbria, within the areas in which we operate (click here to view map) and, based on logistics, the specific programme can be modified.

We ask you to contact us for more details regarding the itinerary and costs.

Ferrari web site: http://museo.ferrari.com/


Ferrari: Enzo Ferrari founded the Ferrari in 1947, working previously as the manager of engines at Alfa Romeo. The first car produced was the Ferrari 125, and soon after starts the adventure of the “Cavallino” in the top tier of racing, the Formula 1, in which competes still today, and in which is the most titled team for the grand prix and world titles won. On the death of Enzo Ferrari in 1988, the majority stake of the company was sold to the Fiat group, which still administers and controls it, even if the factory has never moved from the historic headquarters of Maranello. The Ferrari has produced, and continues to produce, many cars which represent and have represented a symbol for many generations, feeding the myth, the legend and the passion in every corner of the world.