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Chianti Classico Wine Tour (Siena Area)

Limousine Service with private chauffeurs and vehicles (sedans, limos, minivans) for a Chianti wine tour (Siena area)

The Chianti Classico DOCG wine is very highly regarded and respected, and one of the excellent wines of Italy, produced in a beautiful area of landscape and historical value. Arriving in the area of Gaiole in Chianti, you can visit the cellars of a historic winery set in a medieval castle, followed by a tasting of the wines they produce. After a short stop at Radda in Chianti and near the hamlet of Volpaia, where you can have lunch in a fine restaurant, with a beautiful view over the Chianti hills, there is a stop at a second winery located in a panoramic position which dominates the whole area. The personal expert of the winery will guide you to the hidden areas, showing you the methods of production and answering any questions you might have, and then accompany you to the wine tasting room. The tour ends (if time permits) with a final stop at a winery for a last wine tasting (standing), concluding this extraordinary experience in culture and knowledge of the Chianti Classico.



Duration: approximately 8 hours

It is possible for the tour to leave from locations in Tuscany and Umbria, within the areas in which we operate (click here to view map) and, based on logistics, the specific programme can be modified.

We ask you to contact us for more details regarding the itinerary, wineries visited and costs.



Chianti Classico DOCG Wine: The area has been famous for the production of wine since Roman and Medieval times, but it has been since 1716 that a notice of the Granducato of Tuscany regulated and limited the area of production denominated as Chianti. It was the first historical and legal document which foresaw this, 200 years in advance, before any other project of its type. Given the ever growing demand, in the following centuries, the surrounding areas of Tuscany started to produce wine, also taking advantage of such denomination; it was in 1924 then that the consortium of classic Chianti was established, which regulated and recognised to members only, the right to be able to benefit from the classic Chianti denomination and the original label and symbol of the black rooster. The highest percentage of vines used are sangiovese (80 – 100%), accompanied by other red grapes suitable for cultivation in this territory.  This wine has an intense ruby colour and dry taste, is full bodied and velvety, and lends itself very well to further aging. It goes well with red meats, game and mature cheeses accompanied by mushrooms and truffles. It is also great as a meditation wine.